Belief versus Facts… Cara said it first

Beliefs are bullshit we desperately want to be facts. Facts are things we refuse to believe. I am not sure why I have always questioned what I am told. If I could figure out why I am an iconoclast I would write a book and make a bazillion dollars. Then with that bazillion dollars, I wold buy an island, get addicted to prescription drugs, and surround myself with scantily clad ‘hos. *oh, oh, monkeys would freely roam the island and pelt my visitors with their shit… like the Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica do… true story, I had a Costa Rica Howler Monkey throw its shit at me.

Cara said it first though. Cara is an old high school friend (sorry for saying old, Cara). Cara has great hair… seriously she has great hair. My other blogging friends do not have great hair: Matt, Rob… you guys need to use Pantene or something cause your hair sucks. But Jared‘s hair does not suck. Cara brings up a good point about questioning our beliefs and how these beliefs may be affecting our thinking. I believe monkeys are the greatest-fucking-thing EVER, thus I think about monkeys all the time. *monkeys are the greatest-fucking-thing ever, and if you don’t believe that… I am going to fling my shit at you.

This week the GOP dominated House of Representative passed a resolution (H.Con. Res. 13) reaffirming the America’s official sponsorship of God. Sort of like NASCAR with all the stickers. Fortunately it doesn’t specifically say a Christian “God,” so as an American with the freedom of religion (part of 1st constitutional amendment), I am going to put my trust in Sun Wukong. *for those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, what the next legislative step for H. Con. Res. 13 is go here.

For you United States Code nerds, 36 U.S.C. 302 is where “in God we trust” is codified in law as America’s God sponsorship. For those of you who want a quick history of it, go here. H. Con. Res. 13 doesn’t amend P.L. 84-851. “In God we trust” was already on the books, so why did the GOP reaffirm our Budweiser-like sponsorship of God?

Politicians know the importance of beliefs over facts. If the House majority (GOP) shows that it is doing something, even if it is nothing more than “reaffirming” a law, then it can get its base to believe it is doing something… and yes, I suppose, reaffirming a law is doing something, but it isn’t doing anything that is affecting the reality of America today.

It could also be argued that by passing H. Con. Res. 13, the GOP is getting media attention and the word out to their constituents that they are doing something. They are addressing core issues that their voters really care about. In the end, Members of Congress work for their voters. If their voters want to have America sponsor God, well Members will show that they are listening.

Core beliefs are important; there has to be some personal philosophy/foundation in your life. I don’t begrudge anyone whose core belief is religion. I do, however, begrudge people who assume that their core beliefs are more important, or more right, than mine. I begrudge people when they don’t take Cara’s advice and question why they believe the things they do. Blind faith and blind allegiance is not really believing, that is lazy ignorance. *coming soon: a post about the definition of patriotism and how that includes protesting wars… I know you can’t wait.

I have some core beliefs that I do not question. These things are facts (because I believe they are facts):

– monkeys will one day rule the planet

– dogs are smarter than most people think

– cats are constantly plotting their owners’ deaths

– professional athletes are not people, they are here for my amusement

– everyone is full of shit

– Crash Davis is the world’s greatest philosopher *here is the proof


One thought on “Belief versus Facts… Cara said it first”

  1. You are one funny dude, Shawn Reese. As I read this, I was flooded with wonderful memories of your atheist rag during high school days. You know, you were one of my first heroes for questioning authority the way you did – where no one else (except a few of your quieter friends) did!

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