US national security policy… Facebook style

I should have known better. But sometimes stupid has to be slapped out of people. Unfortunately slapping people you don’t know is never as enjoyable as it should be. In the end, however, my slapping was moot… you never really get the final slap, or word, on Facebook.

Very in-depth, revealing, and intellectually stimulating story goes like this: a FB friend from high school (which means I never spoke to this person in high school, didn’t even know their face… but now we are buds 25 years later in the cyber world) posts a stupid picture with incoherent comments about the economy and how it became worse after President Obama took office. I force back my gagging at the ignorance, but of course I had to scroll down through the blithering “amens” and “hell yeahs.” (of course the religious “amens” and the satanic “hell yeahs” were from the same type of people… duality of Christian man at its best)

One comment was truly enlightening… you know this type of comment: it is well written enough to show this person has some level of education and that they feel strongly enough to throw a bunch of shit out there. No one ever expects a random response that might actually question their thinking.

The point of their comment was how A) the President is a Muslim, B) war hurts the economy but it (I assume they meant Iraq because there isn’t oil in Afghanistan) was necessary because “we” get our “gas” from the Middle East, and C) Middle Easterners are better dead there than “taking over our country.” This in a nutshell is one of the most amazing discussions I have seen on Facebook about US national security policy (naturally, this excludes any conversations I may witness, or participate in, with my fellow National War College classmates). What is truly fantalicious about it is that this response to the original post turned the conversation away from the economy (and how shitty a job our President is doing) and started tackling tough issues like US reliance on foreign oil, Muslim infiltration, and the looming Middle Eastern world domination.

Let’s break this argument down:

– The President is a Muslim. Okay, it is easy to understand why some feel a certain uneasiness in seeing someone who doesn’t look exactly like them become President… these are the same people who will tell you that they are not a bigot… then can tell you exactly how many black friends they have. (telling people how many minorities are your friend results in you identifying yourself as a racist) But this part of their argument is a throw away… every sane and rational person knows the Birther movement is code for “we know he ain’t like us.” I ignored this part of their argument, I asked for something other than Internet and political operative rumors for evidence. I got no reply… which made me sad because I really was hoping for a new conspiracy website… that shit be highly entertaining.

– War hurts the economy. This may be true, experts who know this issue, and get paid to discuss this haven’t come to a consensus. Granted, a war that is paid for by expanding the debt probably isn’t good for economy. It takes a war that truly expands the industrial output of a nation (and employs a bunch of hot Rosie the Riveters… Rosie was hawt!) to add to the economy.

– We get our gas from the Middle East. This was the first statement that sounded a little true immediately upon reading… because we have been deluged with this since the 1970s. But let’s be fair, 50% of US oil consumption is American oil, it is then followed by Canada (they’re not really foreign… they are just really cold Americans), Venezuela (isn’t this a country whose leader openly hates America?), and then a bunch of African countries like Nigeria. Middle East oil is only 10%. Plus we don’t get gas from these places, we get oil… we then refine this oil into gas. Thisargument is similar to how China owns American debt, again seems plausible considering the media and political hype. Didn’t Japan own all of us in the 1980s? China owns about 20% of America’s debt, followed by Japan (damn they still own us!). Americans are the prime owners of America’s debt through those wonderful things called mutual funds and 401ks. So the hype may be a little bigger than necessary. We use an ass-load of oil but it isn’t necessarily Middle Eastern oil we are using. Maybe it is time to invade Canada… that would go a long way toward freeing us of “foreign” oil.

– Middle Easterners are better dead than taking over America. I guess this person has never met, nor heard, an US Navy officer whine about needing another carrier strike group. If you want to see a military officer act like a whiny little bitch, tell them that aircraft carriers and their escorts are archaic… seriously, these Navy officers (who have over 20 years of service) will start acting like a 5 year-old who has had their Thomas the Tank Engine taken away. The best way to say it is in two words: Power Projection. Before anyone or any nation-state can actually “take over” America… they got to be able to move all their shit and military personnel to America. Then they have to fight us… and resupply that shit and personnel. No nation-state… again no nation-state is capable of that kind of power projection except the US. But there is no reason to even bring up carrier strike groups or power projection. Middle Eastern governments right now can’t even handle their own populations… how in the hell are they going to organize their forces to come here and attack us.

In effect I rendered a fairly reasonable and rational response to this person’s comment. Alas, I did not have the final word. They got the final word in… they called me a communist and a fag. They forgot to call me arrogant too. I was guilty of having just enough education to throw some shit out there.


2 thoughts on “US national security policy… Facebook style”

  1. We may not have all the oil we think we need in this country, but we do have an endless supply of ignorance and stupids.

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