Why it may to suck to be an independent voter come November

In April 2009, I attended baseball’s Opening Day at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Two things made this day really suck (no it wasn’t because the Cardinals lost).1 One was the weather: 34 degrees and it snowed. The other was the beer selection. Anheuser-Busch owns the stadium rights, so Anheuser-Busch has a monopoly on the beer served. There was really no beer choice, you either got one shitty AB beer or a different shitty AB beer. I ended up drinking two Budweiser Selects, which has an odd banana aftertaste that coats the tongue in a very disgusting manner. I don’t mind beer with a fruity hint, I really love lambic fruit beers2… but a beer with a banana aftertaste is horrible. Unfortunately, Budweiser Select is not a lambic fruit beer, it is just shitty beer. I had no real choice, so I kept the beer consumption to a bare minimum.

It looks like this November will be when Independent voters will have no recognizable choice in presidential candidates. In part one of this series of blog posts,3 I argued:

Reason 3: Mitt Romney seems a lot like President Obama

Don’t take my word for it. Go here, here, and here. I mean, if Santorum, Rush, and Newt say he is like President Obama… then it must be true. Actually, the unfortunate thing about a bloody nominating process is that the early attack ads and unfavorable comparisons stick around. When there are candidates, with a significant (but a minority) number of supporters, attacking one candidate then there may be a lot of voter angst come November. This might even loop back to Reason 1, and result in an even lower GOP voter turnout. Voters may not want to put Romney in if they view the President as strong on defense (which they do) and getting the economy on track (which may be happening). Change for change’s sake doesn’t get one elected. If GOP voters think Romney and President Obama are essentially the same, then why would they care enough to vote (see Reason 1). 

And in the second part of this series,4 I argued:

Reason 1: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Republicans think he is a Kenyan born anti-christ, and Democrats think he is a closet Republican… or at a minimum, a man who promises the moon and then doesn’t deliver. Terrorists are still incarcerated in GITMO (which seems as alien or foreign as the moon), American unilateral military actions abound, and the economy still doesn’t feel right. Finally, once again – for a fourth year in a row – the President (like his Republican predecessor) will request a lot of money that isn’t present, now or in the future, in the federal treasury. The President’s FY2013 budget requests government funding that is $901 billion over federal intakes, and is another $1 trillion-plus deficit. Democratic or Republican, every President wants to spend money without having to raise taxes in a manner that actually aligns, more closely, outlays with intakes. Voters of all flavors are getting really tired of seeing government spending that continues to push the nation further and further into the red. Everyone believes they know what is necessary government spending, and everyone thinks they know what should be cut. Come November, voters may decide they have gotten tired of President Obama’s spending priorities.

Presidents, regardless of their political party identification, are all about empowering the Office of the President. Calls for limiting or reducing judicial power is a direct example of this. A horse of different color is still a horse. If both presidential candidates look the same, then independent voters will feel like they have no real choice. I understand this conundrum personally. I am a strong national security/anti-defense contractor gay-loving liberalican. My views on taxation is very split with me supporting the idea of higher tax rates for the wealthy but detesting tax for “sinful” activities.5 My vote in a presidential election, one of the few that matters as a District of Columbia resident, is one where I have to prioritize my views on education, defense, separation of church and state, same-sex marriage, etc. My head hurts already.

Independent voters may feel they have no choice in November. I do not suggest, however, picking a presidential candidate with a bad aftertaste. In the end, I may consume a couple of good beers and walk into the voting booth blindly… and randomly pushing buttons on the voting machine.

1. I was in St. Louis attending the Women’s NCAA Final Four. Another thing that sucked about this trip… downtown St. Louis rolls up its streets at night. I find it disconcerting to be in a large urban center that has no inhabitants. As much as I enjoy a good apocalypse movie or book, I do not like feeling like I am an extra in one. Empty urban areas at night give me this creepy everyone-is-dead feeling.

2. Lambic beer is a type of beer brewed only in Pajottenland region of Belgium. It has a distinctive taste that is dry, vinous, cidery, and has a sour aftertaste. Lambic fruit beers are usually of the raspberry (framboise), peach, blackcurrant, grape, or strawberry flavors.

3. Entitled “3 Reasons Why It May Suck To Be A Republican Voter Come November,” Feb. 9, 2012.

4. Entitled, “3 Reasons Why It May Suck To Be A Democratic Voter Come November,” Feb. 13, 2012.

5. Alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, and sugar laden products. If people want to get fat and nasty… let ’em. They just shouldn’t expect decent health care.


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