Purple Tutus and Sweater Vests

Yeah, that’s me in a purple tutu, running shoes, lime green race t-shirt, hot pink leg compression socks, and running shoes. I think I look good… no, I know I look good. This is the outfit I wore for the Galveston (Tx) half-marathon. My BFF Rob and his wife also ran it in purple tutus.1 Yeah, we looked good. Rob, today, wrote a blog on meeting his goal in this race and the comments other runners make when you wear a purple tutu. Even though it wasn’t written in a defensive tone, one may assume a man has to explain why he would wear a tutu for a race.

Running a half-marathon in a tutu does cause comments and reactions. By-standers and spectators seemed to thoroughly enjoy our fashion statement.2 Other runners, as Rob points out, seemed to have different reactions at different points in the 13.1 mile race. Women runners, regardless of the mile marker, were overwhelming supportive. Confident men seem to be a huge turn on. Dudes, on the other hand, seemed to bounce between disbelief and disdain, especially later in the race (somewhere between miles 9-13). Their disdain was always magnified when you passed them. Running in general is about making yourself happy, and running in a tutu is about making yourself extremely happy. If I pass you in a tutu, and you’re a dude, you have two choices: accept it or pick up your pace. Male tutu runners basically tell other dudes to nut up or shut up.

Friends and family, who obviously don’t know me very well, were amazed by this tutu-wearing event. I don’t really need to explain or defend myself. I am EXACTLY the kind of guy who would wear a tutu. If you know me, you will recognize this. I don’t need you to defend me or my masculinity. It’s all good, it’s all good.

However, I am amazed by how no one seems to be standing up and defending sweater vest-wearing douche bags. Yes, this is a reference to Rick Santorum. In unofficial (and very non scientific) Facebook polls and observations, it seems no one is standing up for Rick. During Herman “the Perv” Cain’s train derailment, there were still people defending him.3 There were “friends” of mine on Facebook that refused to believe that Herman Cain was guilty of anything other than being overly friendly and a black Republican. J.C. Watts didn’t get this kind of friendly reception, and he fantasizes about being Herman Cain. But nobody, and I mean nobody, seems to be defending Rick Santorum.

Numerous news articles from both the “Balanced and Fair” Fox to the crazy liberal Huffington Post have all been astonished by Santorum’s run (and comments). There is no need for me to provide a link to HuffPost… cause you know it has nothing nice to say about Santorum, but when FoxNews runs a piece about your “mistake” then you know you are fucked. Again, this reference to media pieces definitely does not constitute a scientific (it’s not even political science) study, nor does the comments of Facebook friends constitute a fair assessment. With all the Republican and social conservative family and friends in my Facebook world, you would think someone would step forward and say “hey, no Santorum has it right.” Another friend even commented on this, and she has a number of true conservatives as friends… again no one stepped forward to defend the sweater-vested one.

This trend of astonishment and constant harping on stupid shit Santorum says goes very deep. In yesterday’s Washington Post, numerous Republican and Democratic campaign strategists opined on Santurom and his chances at being President. No one, Republican or Democratic, gave him any hope. All this dialogue about Santorum is about how it is amazing that he can continue to garner votes and move forward in the GOP nomination process. However, one Democratic strategist did state that Santorum has always been known for tenacity and how he doesn’t make it a habit of backing down on his stupid comments and this actually draws in some voters.

Voters and their votes are the only polls that matter. Somebody has to be giving him money and votes. The whole social conservative thing really gives him an edge with the rose-colored glasses-wearing crowd. Amazingly, there is a significant minority in this country that actually think women don’t deserve equality and extremist religious beliefs do have a place in modern America. This minority, however, doesn’t seem to be capable of letting anyone know the reasons for their continuing support for Santorum. It makes me wonder if they feel like Mitt Romney is too Mormon, or too rich, for them and thus they throw their support to Santorum… but they are secretly ashamed.

Listen, if you support Rick Santorum… stand up and be proud. Explain to us (me especially) why this guy is the one who will get your vote. I don’t get it. Nut up or shut up. I feel no shame in my tutu-wearing experiences and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your support for a man who is more politically aligned with the theocratic rulers of Iran than the average American. For the record, I own two sweater vests, I wear them proudly and… yeah, I look good in them too.

1. Dana is a former ballerina, so wearing a tutu for this race wasn’t her first experience. It wasn’t my first experience either, but you aren’t old enough to hear about my first time. However, this may have been a first for Rob.

2. Three young ladies in a Toyota Camry seemed to thoroughly enjoy my mock flash of a tutu at mile 11… that took pictures but I didn’t get any beads even though it was a Mardi Gras race.

3. Seems the “Women for Herman Cain” site won’t open, but here is a link talking about it.


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