Elite Dangerous: Alone in Space

I’ve got 1.7 days ahead of me. Right now I’m sitting in my Sidewinder spaceship…christened the ODog 1…and writing this post…also I’m waiting on my death…it looks like I’m gonna run outta fuel before getting to my destination. Straight to the point…Elite Dangerous is a game of little guidance but huge possibilities.

ED has just been released on PS4…before that on XBox…and was originally on PC. Seems ED has been some sort of computer game since the 1980s…a British-made game…a spaceship simulation. It has a cult following and I’m new to the “church service”…and like all cult novices…I gotta pay my dues…which appears to me dying alone in space with a dead on the side of the road spaceship.

What’s the purpose of ED? Learn how to fly, land, and fight your spaceship. It’s that simple…yet that complicated. This post is best read as if it’s my last will & testament…somehow…someway I’ve been able to compose it and post it to the galactic intertubes. Weep not for me because I will have died how I lived…jumping both feet into something that I have no fucking clue about.

I was on a simple mission…transport data from one space station to another one 9.8 light years away…one minor detail I didn’t check out though…could the ODog 1 travel that far on one tank of gas?…the answer should be obvious now…no.

ED gives you about 5 hours of tutorial training…it teaches you rudimentary flying lessons…rudimentary landing lessons…rudimentary combat lessons…and rudimentary mining lessons. Seems being a starship captain is a OTJ gig.

In 8-10 hours of playing I have only successfully landed and refueled twice…and what kind of fucking idiot thinks that’s good enough to jet off 10 light years across the galaxy?…you’re reading the words of that idiot. FYI don’t bump another player/Major Tom when exiting a space station or you’ll end up like me a few hours ago…the ODog 1 riddled with laser cannon holes and careening across the stars…but it is a game…so I got a second chance…and I insured I bumped no one as I exited.

Since starting this post from the ODog 1 cockpit…I have stopped my jump to GD 319…my mission target and convinced it stands for Gawddamnit 319…and have turned around for my start point…some space station in the Dahan system…one tiny problem…my (now new) target is 1.5 hours away (real time) and I only have 1.1 hours of fuel…I’m pretty much fucked.

ED isnt a gamer-friendly game…it’s more of a I-Fucking-Dare-You type game…a game that is completely unashamedly hard…

…and fuuuuccckkk I have had a power failure in deep space and I’ve got 4 minutes of oxygen left…

Well…tell my wife I love her…